Tamburaški Orkestar Kardinal Stepinac

Preserving rich Croatian culture
Vancouver, BC, Canada


We are members of the Croatian Canadian Folklore Federation West (CCFFW) which promotes, enhances and preserves Croatian folklore ensuring cultural awareness within Canadian context. CCFFW collaborates and collects resources to organize festivals, seminars and various events.

CCFFW was established by Croatian folklore groups from across western Canada and it's main objective is organizing folklore festivals. Croatian Canadian Folklore Festival provides an opportunity for Croatian ensembles from all over western Canada to showcase their Croatian heritage through traditional dance, music and costumes. Festival also provides a forum where young Croatian-Canadians from across the country can meet to share their cultural heritage with all Canadians.

Next Festival: May 20-22, 2016 Calgary, Alberta

Tamburaški Orkestar Kardinal Stepinac

Tamburica Orchestra Kardinal Stepinac (TOKS) was founded with the objective of gathering Croatian girls and boys and teaching them how to play the beautiful Croatian instrument "tamburica". By performing various folklore choreographies, accompanied by tamburica, the rich Croatian culture and traditions are preserved and passed on to younger generations.

Calendar Of Events

Every Monday: Tamburica, Klapa & Kolo, 7pm, Croatian Church Hall
Every Tuesday: Tamburica Škola, 7-8pm, Croatian Centre
Next Fest: Calgary, May 20-22, 2016